Customization 100%

We design and manufacture any type of device and the accessories you need to perform in the most efficient way your work.

50 years experience

For over 50 years building all kinds of recovery vehicles and tow trucks developing the most eficient technology.

Customer service

We have customers all over the world and that can only be achieved by providing solutions to our customers. We love to help you.

About Monza J. Esteban

In 1959, Mr. Joaquín Esteban Gómez founded the company “Tallares Monza” which main activity was towing cars as well as repairing and painting cars.
The company developed specializing in manufacturing trailers, semitrailers and vehicle accessories.


Some of ours newest recovery vehicles

Monza 6001

This model is produced with high quality for warranty a long life durability in the more strics (temperature, rosting) conditions that offer to the costumer a high rentability and secure investment.

Monza 6501

This model warranty a great loading capacity and in alls versions the best free corrosion guaranteed. Also in BEAVER articulated version offered and provided.

Some of ours tow trucks

Monza 800-Z

Lifting and drag device Swedish manufactured high strength steel, allows drag all types of cars.

Monza 1000-Z

The Z-1000 model is equipped with a hydraulic lifting and drag device made of high strength steel.

Latest News about towing and recovery vehicles

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