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In 1959 Mr. Joaquín Esteban Gómez, founded the company called “Talleres Monza” which main activity was repairing and painting cars as well as breakdown service.
The company developed specialized in manufacturing trailers, semitrailers and vehicle accessories.

In 1986 the company reached a new stage by diversifying into the manufacture of car carriers, slide beds and towing equipment.
Our factory cover an extension of 13000 squere meter with the best production staff and most advanced machinery.
Due to the specificity of the company’s activities, Mr. Esteban felt that the national market was limited, and decided to start the export process to differents countries of Europe (France, Belgium and Holland) where this type of sophisticated equipment was very demanded.

MONZA J. ESTEBAN, S.L is a professional business, with maximal control of all aspects, from designing of all our models through assembling for commercial and retail markets.

Our company was own created an excellent reputation for the highest quality of alls products and the best service in the industry, which in our case is the result from many years of experience.
MONZA is a synonymous of technology and innovation. We believe that our ability for adapt and create a new products everyday, increasing our national and international presence in the markets.

The globalization of the markets made necessary to continue with our company policy in quality, costs and services for beat against our competitors.


Head quartered in Binéfar, Huesca, MONZA J. ESTEBAN, S.L. is the leading manufacturer in the national market of slide beds, car carriers and wreckers, used in the towing and recovery industry.

MONZA has extensive fabrication capabilities and is equipped with the latest technologies which have allowed us to have one of the most advanced factories in the world.
As a result of these facilities, our company manufactures most of the components used on ours car carriers and wreckers.

The Company’s manufacturing and administrative operations currently occupy 8.500 square meters with a high qualified human staff.

MONZA is equipped with the most advanced production technologies such as lasers, robotic station and automated welding equipment in order to assure that all our manufacturing operations are highly efficients.

We have five differents production and assembly lines, three of them for slide bed and car carriers and the other two for wreckers and special towing equipment.

As a result of this, our company manufactures most of the components used on its carriers and wreckers.

Paint chain


Our paintshop area is equiped with automatic line with powder paint robots, preparation area, high temperature dry furnace recently. Also a great size paint cab for auxiliary manuals works. Alls process in combination with sealed and special protection of alls products, give us a special quality finish.

Our company have present all the time the environment protection and keep specially recycling and pollution, using in alls paints process powder paint without any injurious element.

Painting installation


Our powder automatic paint cab equiped with robotic arms, automatic power and free line controled by CNC afford made many works rapidly, safe and with maximum environment respect without use any polluting element.


Blasting tunnel

Our automatic steel blasting machine combinated with our automatic paint line, permit offer alls elements and metalic surfaces, a high quality clean process before painting. Alls parts used in our equipements are treated  with this automatic system that warranty a special previous state before paint against corrosion.

This process is totally polution free for the environment in difference like others washing process.



The use of the most advanced robotic technology in our welding station afford apply the maximum quality in high responsability elements and parts. With the perfect combination of expert employers and use the welding robots in production process we continue our initial obligation of building car carriers and towing equipement with the highest quality in a right delivery time.


CNC Mechanized section

We have a modern mechanized section for parts and accessories that need a perfect adjustment, using a differents automatic high technology new machines, CNC mechanized center, CNC potter’s wheel, CNC saw and other high precission machines.


Mechanical conformation

Our metalic cutting and bendind line equiped with a heavy duty machines, laser cutting machine, hydraulic cutting machine, hydraulic bending machine afford build alls and each one of parts with differents forms (cutting, press, bend) that one time assembled become the final MONZA product.


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