Privacy policy

The present PRIVACY POLICY is part of the legal advise from web site

In virtue of requeriments of Organic law 15/1999 of 13th december, Personnel data protection and his reglement (RD 1720/2007, of 21th december), MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L. (in forwards, MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L.), put in your knowledge:

1º The web site visit of MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L. in anyone of their domains never implícate that user must be send any information about his identity, without association at concrete user by the company.

2º MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L. inform to user that, across this web site, only keep personnel data through our own contact forms and mails. For this reason some of fields are requeriments, are obligatories and his fault will be totally impossible that MONZA J.ESTEBAN send you information.

3º The personal data delvery by your across this web site from MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L., will be import at MONZA J.ESTEBAN files, that are registered in General Register of data protection. The only purpose of this files is the paperwork of web site users, the paperwork of services offered across this web site, development and compliance of relation among MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L. and the users that contribute with his personal data across web site.
Also, MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L. give tratement for manage alls questions received across web site from web users, registered or non registered, and send advertising and comercial information, by differents means, about company, activities, products, services, offers, special promotions and diverse documentation.

4º The user warranty that his data, contribute across the web site, are reliables, exacts, complets and updated with responsability of any direct or indirect damage that cause by consecuence of default of this obliation. In case of personal data will be property of other person, you warranty that the owner is informed about this document and you obtain for facilitate his data to MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L. for detailed use.

5º MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L. involve at his obligatin of secret over personal data received across web site and confidential tratement. The personal data obtain never will be delivery to others without concrete consent of owner.

6º MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L. inform that have implemented technnical and organization security measure for prevent, lose, modifications and unauthoritative access, in relation with technnology state, data nature and their risks, from human action or physical and natural médium.

7º The cookies are small data files placed in user web site visitor terminal’s and contain information about web visit. This web site use cookies only for make easier user navigation without possibility to associate these cookies with personal concrete data of user or identify user across those. The user have the possibility of disconnect the cookies.

8º With conformity over establish in law 34/2002 of 11th july, over services of information society and electronic business, if you don’t want receive any electronic commercial communications in the future from MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L. can express your desire sending a mail at the electronic mail address:

9º Just like that, we inform that, in every moment, can practice yours rights of access, cancellation, correction and opposition at data tratement in legal planned cases. You can made sending your writte request at MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L. address or electronic mail address
This request must be accompained of these datas: name and familly name, residence and passport or identification card. In case of representation, must be prove this with valid document.

10º MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L. one time finished the relation with the user keep the data during essential time for legal obligations. In turn, will cancel alls data when stop being necessaries for the original purpose.


In case of user facilitate his/her personal data when make comments in our blog, these data will be treated only with purpose of publish and answer at suggestions.


MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L. have a network profile of internent (Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, Google+, etc.), recognizing in all cases responsible for the processing of data from his followers, fans, subscribers, commentators and other users profiles.

The treatment MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L., carry out such acts shall be, in any case, that the social network will allow corporate profiles. Therefore, MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L., may inform his followers by any means allowing the social network about its activities, presentations, workshops and training courses, commercial offers, job offers publication as well as provide personalized service to the customer. Thus, MONZA J.ESTEBAN, S.L., will not extract data from social networks, unless timely and expressly is obtained the consent of the user to do so.