Recovery Vehicle Monza 4601

MONZA 4601 car carrier specially build for install over light and medium trucks. This hydraulic towing platform is designed for specialized recovery and transport works without high resistance capacity.

Our model MONZA 4601 is offered in two differents versions, conformed swedish steel and extrused aluminium. This last version parmit a lower total weight with same resistance and load capacity than steel version.


Monza 4601 Recovery Vehicle features

With high standard equipement and reduced weight, the MONZA 4601 and MONZA 4601AL models, are perfects for transportation and recovery of cars and light vehicles.

Like alls MONZA car carriers, the 4601 units are equiped with a low loading angle, specially indicated for low and sport cars.


Other Recovery vehicles

Monza 2000 HD

The MONZA 2000HD hydraulic sliding platform is designed and build for heavy duty and strong works in load vehicles and machines transportation.

Monza 5001

MONZA 5001 car carrier platform was designed for a long duration and easy maintenance including a high resistance structure.

Monza 5501

The MONZA 5501 car carrier is our favourite hydraulic slide bed and car carriers model with many of differents accessories and towing elements.

Monza 8502

The double deck car carrier MONZA 8502 model is specially build with swedish steel and totally indicated for transportation and cars towing and recovery also for commercial vans, created like top versatility model.