Recovery vehicle Monza DRAKKAR

The model MONZA DRAKKAR is our top super star towing and recovery car carrier product. Designed with special attention of alls details, thinking in the extreme conditions, with high load capacity of 10t, 12t or 14t depending of version is totally configurable over costumers specifications.

This model is possible to produce in high resistance steel or high tensile rost free for long durability and total corrosion free.

Our DRAKKAR model is equiped with towing and recovery DRAKKAR wheel lift in 5T or 10T version offering a high technology unit, the most versatile tow machine in the world.


Monza Drakkar features

  • Special High Tensile Platform Sides 10 Mm
  • Special Holes In Side Profile
  • Platform Slide Guides Specially Reinforced
  • Special Central Structure High Resistance
  • Fixed Frame Special 8X2 Truck Type
  • Swedish High Tensile Steel Tilting Frame
  • Two (2) Special Tilting Cylinders
  • Special Heavy Duty Sliding Cylinder
  • Ball Joint In Alls Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Security Valves In Alls Movements
  • Hydraulic Volvo-Parker Piston Pump
  • Special Manual Hydraulic Controls
  • Hydraulic Tank
  • Syntetic Oil’S
  • Pressure Nordhydraulic Filter
  • Return Nordhydraulic Filter
  • Floating Hydraulic System
  • Sepson Sepdurance H60 Hydraulic Winch 60T
  • Pneumatic Winch Free Spool
  • 12 Mm Special Winch’S 30 Mts Wire Rope With Hook
  • Hydroscand Hydraulic Hoses
  • Hydroscand Hydraulic Connectors
  • Hydroscand Rost Frei Pipes
  • Rost Frei Pins And Axles
  • Special Electric Circuit Ip67
  • Frames And Accessories Galvanized
  • Special Sandblasting Platform System
  • P7 Dupont Epoxy Prime Paint
  • Hdc Dupont Standar Platform Paint
  • Ce Security System
  • Extra Swedish High Tensile Steel
  • Hydraulic Manual Operated Controls
  • 2 Telescopic Independent Stiff Legs
  • Stiff Legs Ground Pads
  • 2 Double Action Stiff Legs Cylinders With Security Valves
  • Powerful Folding Boom Cylinder With Tilt Capacity
  • 2 Double Lifting Cylinders With Security Valves
  • Hydraulic Extendible Boom Cylinder
  • Extension Lockable In 3 Positions
  • Two Extendibles Booms
  • Sand Blasted Prepaint
  • Epoxy Prime Paint
  • Dupont High Quality Paint
  • Extension And Lifting Bar Zinc Chromated
  • Tiltable End Part
  • Pivoting Lifting Bar Bearings
  • Rost Frei Pins
  • Ce Security System

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