Our tow trucks

Tow Truck Monza 800Z

The towing and recovery wheel lift MONZA 800Z model is a small vehicle designed and produced for subway and urban use installed over 4wd vehicle.

Tow Truck Monza 1000Z

The stronger model in the market produced in special steel with double lifting cylinder. The MONZA 1000Z towing wheel lift model is the best solution for urban works with cars, vans and camping car also.

Tow Truck Monza 3000 Mega

The heavy duty towing and recovery MONZA 3000 Mega model is our best solution for trucks, buses and coaches recovery. Also available with many extras and elements.

General description of towing equipements

The MONZA J.Esteban identity is designing and building the towing and recovery products for alls and each one of professionals that pretend find efficiency in his daily work. In MONZA J.Esteban, ever accept the costumers opinions and ideas, based in his own professional experiences. This continued progress policy become us in pionner manufacturer with best levels in national and international markets.

For us addapted and customized ours towing and recovery vehicles is a basic goal in alls of recovery vehicles produced. Our production capacity allowed for create profitable and multipurpose towing products.

Inside our towing and recovery range, we have three differents models, depending of application and chassis installation: MONZA 800-Z (for subway and all terrain tow), MONZA 1000Z (for urban and vans towing) and MONZA 3000 MEGA (for heavy duty, trucks, buses and coaches towing).

Other types of recovery vehicles

Monza 5001 car carrier

MONZA 5001 car carrier platform was designed for a long duration and easy maintenance including a high resistance structure.

Monza 5501 car carrier

The MONZA 5501 car carrier is our favourite hydraulic slide bed and car carriers model with many of differents accessories and towing elements.

Monza car carrier 4601

MONZA 4601 car carrier sliding platform is specially designed for cars, smalls vans and 4WD.

Monza 2000HD slide platform

The MONZA 2000HD hydraulic sliding platform is designed and build for heavy duty and strong works in load vehicles and machines transportation.