Tow Truck Monza 3000 Mega

The towing and recovery MONZA 3000 Mega model is a definitive solution for transport and recovery heavy duty trucks, buses and coaches.

Produced 100% in MONZA factory with high quality materials, special steel, high resistance hydraulic and mechanic components, high capacity planetary hydraulic winches for offer to the costumer long durability and maximal versatility.

The new version of MONZA 3000 MEGA is totally customized and offer more than 100 types of options, equipements and accessories for cover alls requirements.


Tow Truck Monza 3000 Mega

Monza 3000 Mega Features

Manuals control box with proportional radio remote control, implemented with rear video camera for maneuvers better view alls these elements are standard equipement in 3000 Mega model.

A great accessories list warranty the towing and recovery of every heavy duty vehicle.


Similar to Monza 3000 Mega

Monza 800-Z

The towing and recovery wheel lift MONZA 800Z model is a small vehicle designed and produced for subway and urban use installed over 4wd vehicle.

Monza 1000-Z

The stronger model in the market produced in special steel with double lifting cylinder. The MONZA 1000Z towing wheel lift model is the best solution for urban works with cars, vans and camping car also.